3D architectural renders

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Our way of working is solid and flexible, meaning that we offer a clear vision of the entire project right from the start, divided into stages that keep our clients informed of the current state of the project, while also adapting to each situation. Every client and project is different and so are their requirements. We strive to offer the best solution for every case, while also committing on the outcomes: quality, timeframes, deliverables, etc.
Here is a summary of the stages that a project of still images could go through:


Assessment stage

Before starting production, we collect all the necessary assets and information to understand the scope of the project, and purpose of the images.
Once we have a have a complete understanding of the project, we produce a project timeline detailing the duration of each stage, feedback timeframes, and final delivery date/deadline.
3D architectural renders
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Architectural CGI render
Camera selection

Production stage 0 – White render

At this stage, we create multiple images showing different camera angles, in order to lock-in one angle for each of project’s views. It receives its name from the colour of the elements shown, as all 3d elements are rendered in neutral white material (without textures) for clarity. At this point, images are at around 10% finished and delivered at, at least, 1,000 pixels.

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Production stage 1 – First draft

This is the longest stage, as all the elements composing the image are modelled and textured for the first time. Each view includes all 3D elements (joinery, furniture, appliances, etc.) with the corresponding materials and textures. Lighting is also accurate and serves as a final proposal. At this point, images are at around 85% finished and delivered in 2,000 pixels.

Architectural CGI render
1st feedback
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Architectural CGI render
2nd feedback

Production stage 2 – Second draft

At this stage we implement the feedback received from the previous stage. Here is where we expect the most amendments from clients, as they have seen images with final materials for the first time. After including all corrections, images are at around 95% finished and delivered in 2,000 pixels.

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Production stage 3 – Third draft

At this stage we implement the feedback received from the second draft, and once included, images are at around 99% finished and delivered in 2,000 pixels.

Architectural CGI render
3rd feedback
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Architectural CGI render
Final image

Final delivery

Here we make changes to the images for the last time. After that, they are considered 100% finished and the client will receive the final images at, at least, 5,000 pixels.

* percentages (%) are approximate and for reference only
** final image resolution may vary at clients request
Some projects might take longer, some require more time to pay attention to little details, some might prioritise a fast outcome, others may be delivered in stages. Whichever the case, our workflow adapts to each occasion.
Ask us if you have any questions or would like to know more.