Melbourne architectural renders studio

CGI Melbourne architectural renderings studio


the Beat is an architectural visualisation studio based in Melbourne that offers solutions, create value and crafts engaging imagery for unbuilt architecture.

Our mission is to deliver value through digital images
We do not just make renders, we create value to audiences by crafting engaging imagery, and to our clients by enhancing their properties’ perceived value.
Making business makes us happy, but helping businesses makes us happier
Every project is different, so they require different approaches. We see this challenge as an opportunity to think different, and see a wider spectrum that will let us go even farther the following time. the Beat’s workflow is staged and flexible, so clients always receive the best solution for their needs.
Don’t take our word, take our work
Quality is our unwritten commitment to clients and the industry. We are professionals that don’t hold their degrees and years of experience (although very valuable) as a guarantee. Our recent works are the best proof of performance.
We are passionate about what we do
We keep up with new trends and software advancements to move forward with the industry.

Just imagine



Architectural visualisation studiothe Beat was founded in 2016 by architect David Gil after several years working in both fields, architecture and visualisation.
At a very young age it was clear to him that he would spend his life working in the architectural area, but it was shortly after starting his degree when he realised his true passion: architectural 3D graphics. Through the years, David has developed a solid workflow that ensures both, quick feedback changes and the highest visual quality.
David also carries a “can do” attitude and is proud of being self-taught in light physics, psychology of colour, photography and design. He is also mindful of how rapidly the archvis industry evolves and therefore he strives to keep up to date with the latest advancements and techniques to be implemented in the studio’s processes.